Social Media Business School

The All-in-One Facebook and Instagram Online Marketing Course for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

  • Everything you need to launch a successful online campaign, whether you are an experienced marketer or starting from scratch.
  • Weekly support calls for troubleshooting, accountability, and community.
  • The Essential Blueprint for Facebook and Instagram marketing in 2022.
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  •  Video lessons, divided into three modules, teaching you everything from the crucial mind-shift needed to succeed online, the very basics of set up and optimisation, advanced paid advertising strategies and amazing case studies
  • Weekly LIVE Support Calls with amazing entrepreneurs, business owners, social media managers and people taking charge of their businesses, just like you. These sessions are invaluable and helps with accountability, community, support and troubleshooting. We also have loads of fun!
  • Loads of amazing resources, access to the online portal for both mobile and desktop, as well as our awesome app! You can learn on the go, at the pace you choose.

Michelle Britz

• Michelle has a passion for home-cooking. She decided to start preparing food for busy families. So fresh and so good!

•After completing my previous course she did what we are all shy to do sometimes. She started sharing and showing her product and story. Initially, it was challenging, but she implemented EVERYTHING she had learnt, got out of her comfort zone and now she is delivering meals all over. From Namibia to Cape Town. .

•An inspiring story of a woman who made a decision, she made herself count and now she is counting money!

Lizelle McMahon

"Magriet's way of teaching is simply out of this world. Whether you do not know anything about social media or if you are a master on social media, guarantee you WILL learn something from her.

Thank you Magriet for the way you bring" yourself across in ALL the training sessions and the fact that I can view the videos and implement them in my own time is such a bonus as your time is not the same as the next persons. THANK YOU Magriet!!!

Susan Bezuidenhout

"Magriet Groenewald is a compassionate Social Media Educator who is totally committed to providing me as a client with the best personal support.
Her course has come at exactly the right time for me - and the fact that I can work through the lessons in my own time and own pace suits my schedule as an Entrepreneur best.
The extra support by means of the live calls are extremely valuable and Magriet Groenewald will explain the same thing 100 times over if needed. Thank you Magriet Groenewald for your dedication and authenticity."

By the end of my signature online course, you will have:

✔️ Defined your perfect ideal client avatar and refined your RMS & personal brand.

✔️ Created an irresistible online presence that will lure more and more eager clients.

✔️ Built a customised strategy for your business that sends traffic from Instagram and FB towards an opt-in.

✔️ Created your weekly content plan and understand how to optimally spend your time online.

✔️ Effortlessly implemented social media strategies that are working right now to steadily grow your presence in the online marketplace.

✔️ Gained all the confidence needed to set up and monitor your own highly efficient paid advertising campaign using the Facebook Business Manager.


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In the MAGRIET.CO Social Media Business School you will discover:

  • How to establish a recognisable, reliable brand identity & how to speak directly to your ideal client.
  • How to create content that will capture the attention of potential customers with a need for your product or service.
  • How to plan, schedule and even automate your content in a way that will free up so much time for you to focus on what's important.
  • The online strategies for Facebook & Instagram marketing that currently work.
  • Insider secrets that NO-ONE else will tell you, things have changed so much!
Enrol Now! Once-off Payment of R14997
Easy Payment Plan: 6x Payments of R2997

“Sometimes we spend more time than we should defending the old thing, instead of working to take advantage of the new thing.” - Seth Godin


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Enrol Now! Once-off Payment of R14997
Easy Payment Plan: 6x Payments of R2997

I'm so confident in the MAGRIET.CO: Social Media Business School, that if you put in the time and do the work and STILL find that my course is not a good fit, show me your work within 14 days of enrolling and I will gladly give you a refund.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? 

I truly believe that we are living in the most opportune time with the internet providing endless possibilities for anyone willing to learn and equip the skillset needed to fulfil their individual destiny.

Facebook and Instagram Online Marketing Course for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

Enrol Now! Once-off Payment of R14997
Easy Payment Plan: 6x Payments of R2997