The Rise of the Nano Influencer

Jan 20, 2021
Are you one? Here is what you should know. Nano-influencers have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers (some say it can be from as little as 600 followers).
What they may lack in followers, nano-influencers usually make for up in engagement rates, which is a big plus for brands. This means that their followers are much more likely to like, comment, or share their advice.
Nano influencers form close relationships with their audience by responding meaningfully to comments and interacting more on an individual basis. As a result, the advice they give related to brands feels more like it’s coming from a friend.
The big advantage for brands is that Nano influencers are cost-effective and may be more likely to accept gifted products or services in exchange for their creativity.
If you are a business with a small budget and want to start using influencers, look for the Nano influencers in your industry!
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