Social Media Etiquette 101

Apr 13, 2022

We often forget about other people when posting. We can stop dehumanizing social media by bringing simple etiquette to our online lives. The most important of all is to be kind and empathetic towards others. In doing so, it gives you a better understanding of their requirements and needs. 

Just because you can post something doesn't mean you should. How to be a good human online, my top 6 tips: 

  1. Don't say it online if you wouldn't say it to someone in person
    Never forget that you are interacting with another real human being. Always ask yourself: "Would I be comfortable saying this to the person's face?"

  2. Don't forget to FACT CHECK  
    Spreading fake news can backfire and have serious consequences.  Make sure of your facts and do research before you POST, SHARE OR FORWARD any content including text, image, and voice notes. This includes content you receive on WhatsApp.

  3. Stay offline when you are angry
    Always give yourself time to cool off before going to social media.  Reacting in a fit of rage can cause you to say things online (including on WhatsApp) you don't mean and that you will regret later.

  4. Stay offline when intoxicated
    You'll be happy for this one the morning after... Posting while intoxicated can cause lots of embarrassment and can also cost you your job among others.
  5. Don't post pictures without people's consent
    Before posting a picture of someone else, remember to ALWAYS ask their permission. Be especially cautious of posting pictures where other people's children are featured in. 
  6. Be Kind 
    This is by far the most important. Just be a good human being, when you are online (like you are offline!)Don't post or spread fearmongering, negative, degrading, or insulting content. Rather be kind and spread positive, uplifting, and inspirational content.