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This MasterClass is MADE for you if:

  • You have been watching other people celebrate their success online, wondering what the secret strategy is you somehow never learnt
  • You are completely new to Facebook and Instagram and feel ready to start growing your business and getting more clients, instead of followers. Let’s get it right the first time! 
  • Maybe you have dabbled in using social media based on training and observation, but you are struggling to implement what you have learnt and seeing little to no results
  • If you have a solid online presence and you have run some campaigns, but you are tired of speculating and trial and error ways- you probably feel ready to commit to a proven path with guaranteed revenue
  • You are excited about creating an intelligent brand and marketing sector within your business, bound to bring progress and prosperity

Look, I completely understand if you are feeling overwhelmed by social media and uncertain about what to do next. 

Maybe you have been trying to show up online for a while and now you have been completely discouraged by the lack of results your campaign or content has been showing. You might be feeling that it was all for nothing and that social media is not the marketing medium for you.

If you are feeling frustrated because it seems like Facebook and Instagram keep on changing the rules. Let me tell you; you are right. The rules have changed. They are still changing as we speak. 

The truth is, most of the social media marketing training currently available will not be of service to you. This is because it is based on what worked in 2017, but that’s not going to work in 2021.  

If you were having trouble in the past, I want you to know that it is not your fault.

Here’s the thing, if you feel ready to pick yourself up and give it another try, or maybe you are starting from scratch and you don’t want to waste any time, I have excellent news for you!

I truly believe that it’s soooo much easier to get started today than it was eight years ago, when I did.

Everything you need to know will be explained thoroughly in my MasterClass on the 28th of October. 

There is no doubt in my mind that you have massive dreams for your business. With me by your side, you can finally start getting it right.

In this MasterClass you will learn:


The crucial mind-shift you need to make to move from confusion & uncertainty to engaging with a growing community of loyal brand investors and excited buyers!


How to stop chasing followers and start attracting your ideal client with content that they will love, without spending hours on social media. 



The ALGORITHM is really not as scary as you think, but it is SO important that you understand how it works if you want to reap the incredible benefits it offers. 


There is ONE thing I see soooo many influencers get completely wrong. Let me teach you how to fix this flaw & simplify your strategy, as soon as possible!

"Magriet Groenewald is een van die mees professionele en 'oppit' mense met wie ek al gewerk het. Sy is uit en uit my online guru. Sonder haar leiding was ek nou nog besig om uit te figure hoe om iemand te "poke" op Facebook."

- Schalk Bezuidenhout (Comedian, actor, lekker mens)

Ansa Lange

(Mindshift with Ansa)

"Peeps, Magriet’s teaching has moved my horison (daily) from petrified of Facebook (not having an account) to regular time slots on Medfm with Parenting Coaching and Wellness Coaching slots.

Thank you Magriet Groenewald AND everybody who is and was part of this journey in your amazing groups. The support is what carried me on hard days."

Dr. Kobus Neethling

(President of the South African Creativity Foundation)

"Working with Magriet has been a life-changing experience. The training and coaching models we have applied for the past 25 years were dramatically challenged during the Covid crisis of 2020. Magriet empowered our organization to not only adapt to new challenges but to once again take a leading role in global creativity and innovation training and coaching. She is an exceptional social media marketing expert --- not only in opening up new markets but also in the way she stays personally involved throughout the process. Magriet is truly a cut above the rest and a world-leader in her field."

We live in a time in which the success of your business is almost directly proportionate to your online presence.

Are you showing up for work online? Prosperity is calling. If not now, when?


Just one more thing...

I know you are probably looking at a few options at this stage to try and help you “show up for work online”. Good job! You are at the right place. You will see that there are many people in this industry and many different ways to get things done.  I can only share with you the way I know, with a demonstrated history of success.  

I have always been passionate about the science of marketing and how it truly has the potential to realise dreams. Not just my own, but the dreams of many.  I recall learning from brilliant lecturers and completing my Honours degree with eagerness. Times, however, have changed a lot since then and I soon became fascinated with the idea of the online marketplace, where you have access to a vast amount of people throughout the world at any time of the day. I knew that, with the right marketing strategies, you could now reach people you never imagined possible. 

After years of in-depth research and many international courses, I have developed a unique online marketing strategy that works. This year I have had the immense privilege of seeing my own business grow exponentially applying this very strategy. I have had the opportunity to help and work with some awe-inspiring people throughout 2020. Comedians, Artists, Specialists, Academics, Politicians, Doctors, Students, Farmers, Chefs, you name it. 

It has been amazingly gratifying after years of research, hard work, and hours of training. 

In my brand new training, I will be sharing everything I've learned, including the exact strategies I used to successfully grow my own business, with you. I will also show you how you can beat the dreaded algorithm once and for all and actually use it in your favour! 

Be sure to reserve your spot as soon as possible, as there will be limited seats in my virtual Masterclass.