How to Use Instagram™ to Attract More Customers and Grow your Business 

Even if you have less than 500 followers and are social media shy!

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Create a magnetic brand online!

And Stand Out From The Crowd With Instagram

Everyone is going online right now so it's more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. Stop chasing new followers and start attracting your ideal customers!

It's Really Simple: You And Your Business Are Unique And So Should Your Social Media Be!


Do you sometimes think things like:

  • Social media is only for the younger generation? 
  • The algorithm is killing my engagement?
  • I am so overwhelmed with the ever-changing platforms?I don't have many followers?
  • I have no clue what to post?
  • I am so scared to go on social media?


I hear you!

I felt exactly the same when I started my business. In 2015 I fired my boss to be more available for my girls, and because I had no way out, I HAD TO FIGURE THIS OUT... and I did.

You are here because you have an amazing business, product, or service (or it's still just an idea). I know you want to make a BIGGER impact and I also know once you find the confidence and skills to share your message, you and your business will become unstoppable!

Yes, I'm in

Here is the thing! You ALREADY have the answers within.

It all comes down to discovering your own unique voice online that is a true reflection of you and your business. This is what I call your ZONE OF GENIUS.

In this #gramitwithmagriet MASTERCLASS you will discover:

💡How to make a lasting first impression

💡How to stand out from the competition

💡The biggest mistakes business owners make online

💡How to get more followers and turn them into life long clients

💡How to find your online Zone of Genius

Even if you have less than 500 followers and are social media shy!

Some of the amazing people and brands I have worked with:

Magriet is definitely an INNOVATOR and an INSPIRATION. 

She is on top of her game in an ever-changing S-M world, she enthusiastically serves her audience. She is knowledgeable and is always adding value. She is authentic and continuously looking for new opportunities/ways of doing things. 

She is the "GO-TO" person if you want to grow your business, no matter how big or how small. She is a true example of the word wavemaker within the Social Media landscape!!! 

- Colleen Swart | QuantumLeap Practice Partners

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